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Composer, Conductor, Clarinettist & Vocalist


A new piece, commissioned by the Tate Art Gallery, based on the painting of the same name by JMW Turner.
To be performed at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room on 2nd February 2017.
Admission is free, and your presence is much appreciated. Book now.


Get to know a bit more about me through the wonderful form of video!


The Art of Creating Music

Music is an excellent way through which one can express themselves, and writing music is by far the best way to do so.

"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art" - Claude Debussy


Bringing Music Together

The role of the conductor is to bring out more than what is simply written on the page; they interpret it, read between the lines, and produce something trully beautiful.


It's not an oboe!

The Clarinet is perhaps one of the most beautiful instruments ever created. It's warm tone, in combination with its extreme versatility makes it one of the nicest instruments to listen to. Whether it's Rhapsody in Blue, or Weber's Clarinet Concerto in F Minor, you can count on me to enjoy playing it. Just don't say that it's the same thing as an Oboe!


The sound from within

The human voice has been, and will be for many years to come, the most widely used instrument in existence. The ability to combine words with music allows the performer to portray a very clear emotion, whether that be anger, love or excitement.

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